Ashish Vidyarthi’s Ex Wife Rajoshi Barua After His Second Marriage: ‘Her Needs From Now On Are Different’ – Exclusive | Hindi movie news

Ashish Vidyarthi she married a 50-year-old fashion entrepreneur, Rupaliat the age of 60. His ex wife Rajoshi Barua made a post that “suggested” that she was hurt. We got in touch with her. It turns out there’s nothing wrong with that. Oh, these social media times!
Excerpts from the conversation that transpired:

We think you’re hurt that Ashish has remarried…

I don’t know where this belief comes from. I think I timed my Insta post wrong. People jumped on it and started interpreting. The interpretation was wrong. Today’s media works on social media posts and their own interpretations, right?
I’m not seriously hurt. Ashish is a gem of a person. It’s just that we’ve started to look at life differently, in the last couple of years or so.

What does it mean?

Meaning his needs weren’t the same as mine. His needs were different. We also started thinking differently (pauses).

Go ahead…

I am a dancer and actor.

I think you don’t want to elaborate, but we have a feeling that you wanted to deepen the work and he wanted you to take care of his house…

Not exactly.

We’ll take it and let you guard the details of the reason, but were there any fights when you two were on the verge of separating?

Really, nobody. Our son Arth knew that his father was marrying someone else. Ashish and I had sat down amicably and decided that we should separate as a couple. We called him and told him. Then we went abroad to meet him. Ashish’s current wife Rupali also met my son. He has a very progressive mind.
Ashish and Rupali even go home. We go to their house too…

Do they come to your house?

Yes, no bitterness. I think a man is not committing any crime if he remarries after divorcing his first wife amicably. The man may be 21 or 61 years old. Why is the media so excited and starting to interpret from social media posts and churn out articles based on those posts?

Did Rupali come into Ashish’s life after you two got divorced?

YES. Ashish had even told me that he has someone in his life.

Will you get married again?

My decision right now is ‘No’. But Ashish wanted a wife after his divorce.

We have a gut feeling that we will see you working harder now…

You are right. I signed a YRF film, a Dharma film. And I’m going to start my play “Umara” again.


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