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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the development path of BJP government on completion of 9 years in office on Tuesday and highlighted several benefits received by people from various government programs.
“9 years of unwavering dedication to the growth of the nation. I invite everyone to visit this site to take a look at our development path. It also provides an opportunity to highlight how people have benefited from various government programs”, PM Ways said on Twitter.

“Today, as we complete 9 years of service to the nation, I am filled with humility and gratitude. Every decision made, every action taken, has been guided by a desire to improve people’s lives. We will continue to work even harder to build a India developed,” he added.


The BJP-led government at the Center completed nine years in office on May 26. It highlighted the nine-year achievements of the NDA government.
Senior BJP leaders, including union ministers and prime ministers, highlighted the achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in a nationwide outreach on Monday to mark his nine years in office.

The BJP has scheduled a month-long mass link-up exercise starting on May 30 Modi the government was sworn in for a second term in 2019. Modi is scheduled to speak at a rally in Ajmer in Rajasthan, the congress-ruled state where assembly polls will be held later this year.
From India’s “growing” global stature to its emphasis on national security, welfare measures such as housing and sanitation for the poor, increased water supplies, infrastructure growth and efforts to strengthen the manufacturing sector are been among the initiatives mentioned in the press conferences they held in every state of the country.

Prime Minister Modi's Speech: Highlights of Successful Three-Nation Tour Congratulating BJP Karyakartas


Prime Minister Modi’s Speech: Highlights of Successful Three-Nation Tour Congratulating BJP Karyakartas

Meanwhile, with Prime Minister Modi completing nine years in office, Congress asked him nine questions last week on issues such as rising prices, unemployment and farmers’ income, and demanded an apology for the “treason” during his tenure.
The opposition party had also said that the government should celebrate its anniversary day as “Maafi Diwas”.
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