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A stain of phosphorescent green liquid that appeared in Venice’s Grand Canal was caused by the chemical fluorescein.

Environmental officials confirmed the source of the discoloration on Monday after images on social media showed a patch of bright green around the Rialto Bridge, near an embankment lined with restaurants.

Photo: AP

Fluorescein – a non-toxic chemical – is primarily used in underwater construction to help identify leaks.

It can also be used medicinally — as eye drops — to identify lesions and foreign bodies, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

People watch Venice's historic Grand Canal as a patch of phosphorescent green liquid spreads across it, Sunday, May 28, 2023. Veneto region governor Luca Zaia said officials had asked police to to investigate who was responsible, as environmental authorities were also testing the water.  (AP Photo/Luigi Costantini)
Photo: AP

Despite being non-toxic, the high concentrations of fluorescein found in the canal indicated it was likely not the result of an accident, CNN reported.

Further test results, which could help identify the exact amount of the substance in the water, are expected later this week.

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Italian police opened an investigation into the incident on Sunday.

He followed many episodes in Italywhere environmental groups target monuments with colors and dyes.

Activists have used vegetable charcoal to transform the waters of The Trevi Fountain of Black Rome in a protest against fossil fuels.

However, unlike previous cases, no protest group has yet come forward to claim responsibility for what happened in Venice.


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