Preparations for WTC final had begun during the IPL itself: Axar Patel | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: The versatile Indian bowler is quite confident about the team’s chances in the upcoming World Test Championship (WTC) final and also revealed that the squad members had started preparing for the marquee clash during the Indian Premier League (IPL) itself as the players held red ball training sessions.

India will face Australia in the WTC Final at the London Oval from June 7-11.
Axar also highlighted the challenges of transitioning between different game formats and adapting to varying conditions. As players, they have to adjust their mindset and techniques according to the demands of Test cricket, which may be different from limited formats like the IPL.
“We knew that before the IPL started,” Axar told ICC during a break in the practice session.
“So even during the IPL it was discussed that we were going to play with the red ball. We had red balls, so we used them. You know when and how to play, how long you have. That mental shift from the white ball red ball is obviously difficult, but we have enough time Those who did not qualify [for IPL Playoffs] has more time. So I don’t think there will be many problems because we had a good time preparing,” added the all-rounder.

The WTC Finals will use the Dukes ball, which is used in English environments, while India will play their home red ball matches with the SG ball. Axar claimed that while they practiced with the Dukes’ ball during the IPL, the main focus was always on hitting the right spot.
“The difference is that the Dukes ball stays brighter for longer. But during the IPL we ordered the ball, so we practiced with it and got used to it. Like I said, we go from the ball white to red ball It’s a similar change to go from SG to Dukes you have to use your talent and skills You have to execute your plan your bowling rhythm Whatever the ball if you throw a good ball in the right place, it works” says Axar.

“So that’s what we’re doing. Since the game is in England, which is different from India, we’re planning the lines and the lengths that will work here. The same in training, we’re ready to leave”, added the all-rounder.
In addition to the abrupt format change, adapting to England’s relatively temperate climate after the oppressive heat of the Indian summer presents another difficulty.
“We came after playing the IPL, where it was 40-45 degrees in India. After that, it feels good here. We took out our winter clothes and walked around with sweaters. There are also a bit windy. Every time we come to UK we enjoy the weather. It stays a bit cool, no heat.

Adapting quickly to changing conditions, pitch characteristics and game dynamics is crucial to success in international test matches.
Overall, Axar highlighted the importance of meticulous preparations and adaptability as key factors in India’s approach to the World Test Championship final.
“Obviously the conditions in India and England are different. The fast bowlers have more of a role here. In India the spinners play a bigger role. The conditions are the same for both teams. In England the wind helps swing bowling and provides a good bounce if you play in the right spots. The team is coming together slowly, so planning will continue. We’ll leave the planning to our bowling coach,” Axar concluded.


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