China prepares for extreme scenarios: Xi at odds with the West

BEIJING (Reuters) – China faces more complex and difficult security challenges, President Xi Jinping said, as he warned citizens to prepare for “extreme worst-case scenarios”, amid worsening tensions with the United States and the European Union.
Xi, who chaired a meeting of the National Security Commission On Tuesday said the complexity and severity of the national security challenges facing the country had increased dramatically, the government Xinhua News Agency reported.
“The national security front must develop strategic self-confidence, have enough confidence to secure victory, and be fully aware of its own strengths and advantages,” he said and called on the meeting to ” remain fully aware of the complicated and difficult circumstances”. against national security”.
“We must be prepared for worst-case and extreme scenarios, and be prepared to withstand the major test of high winds, choppy waters and even dangerous storms… More efforts must be made to modernize our system and our national security capabilities, and be ready for real combat and to deal with practical issues,” he said.
Documents including “Guidelines on Accelerating the Establishment of a National Security Risk Monitoring and Early Warning System” and “Guidelines on Strengthening Comprehensive Public Education on national security” were adopted at the meeting. Xi, 69, has placed more emphasis on strengthening security and raising the combat level of troops since being re-elected as the leader. chinese communist party for an unprecedented third time last year.
This is not the first time that Xi has highlighted the security situation facing China. In March, he accused Washington of directing Western repression against China. Of late, Xi has stepped up security rhetoric as China increasingly antagonizes the United States on many fronts, including Taiwan and the United States. South China Sea.


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