Air Fares: Railway Tragedy: Ensure No Increases in Orissa Air Fares, Do Not Charge Fines to Those Affected, Government Directs Airlines | News from India

NEW DELHI: The aviation ministry has “advised” airlines to ensure this airfares to and from Bhubaneswar specifically, and other airports in Odyssey it’s general, I don’t see a surge in the wake of increased travel demand following the mortal train accident in the state Friday night.
It also stipulated that any cancellations and rescheduling of flights due to the accident be without penalty charges. Airfares, both domestic and international, have been at all-time highs in recent months.
“The aviation ministry has issued an alert to the airlines to monitor any abnormal increases in airfares to and from Bhubaneswar. In view of the unfortunate accident in Odisha, airlines have been advised to monitor any abnormal increases in airfares to and from Bhubaneswar and other airports in the state and take the necessary actions accordingly. Furthermore, any flight cancellations and rescheduling due to the incident can be done without penalty charges,” a senior ministry official said.


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