Sushmita Sen’s Brother Rajeev Sen Confirms Divorce Date With Charu Asopa; he says: ‘My daughter Ziana should see us both happy’

After months of speculation, Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Senwith whom he married Charu Asopa in 2019, she took to her vlog and clarified that the final hearing on their divorce is June 8th. This comes after ETimes TV broke the news a few days ago.

In his vlog, Rajeev said, “June 8th is the second and last divorce hearing in the family court. Many of my friends, fans and supporters wanted to know what is happening and what is the update. Just want to say that life is beautiful and that’s what you make of it. People have individual lifestyles and thoughts. Some show it, some don’t. I think whatever happens, happens for the best.”
The actor, who recently released his short film Hasrat, added: “I have a positive outlook on life in general. Intention to be kind and good goes a long way. Whatever the outcome, your thoughts and intention they should be good. Whatever is happening or coming is for the greatest good for my daughter Ziana, me and Charu. Choti si zindagi hai khush raho.”
Rajeev further justified: “For everyone’s well-being, their peace of mind is important, especially if they have children. It is important for Ziana to see good things around her, she should see us both happy. What will happen on June 8, people will know. This is all written and intended, people should accept it.”
The actor also thanked the fans for showering so much love on Ziana. Praising his little daughter, he said she is ‘growing up fast’ and is very ‘naughty’ and ‘extremely intelligent’.
Meanwhile, Charu also shared in her new vlog that it is important for people to understand that happiness and peace of mind are more important than other material things in life.


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