Sky News wins International Emmy Award for coverage of Ukraine war | World News

Sky News has won an International Emmy Award for its coverage of the Ukraine war.

The submission showcased coverage such as the battle for Bucha and Irpin in the early days of the invasion.

Sky’s reporting included special correspondent Alex Crawford on the ground as trapped civilians fled the bombardment and artillery rounds echoed in the background.

Crawford also reported from Irpin as Ukrainians – including some in wheelchairs and on stretchers – were helped to cross a rickety bridge to get to safety.

There was also a terrifying reminder of the indiscriminate attacks the Russians were meting out when a Sky News team came under fire themselves as they headed to Bucha.

The report by chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his crew showed them taking cover as their car was peppered with bullets, before they were forced to run for their lives – Ramsay was wounded during the shooting.

The International Emmy Award was accepted by Sky News’ head of international news Tim Singleton.

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Sky’s Alex Crawford meets the people fleeing Russian bombardment in the Ukrainian town of Irpin.

Reflecting on the dangers encountered by Ramsay and his team, he said during the acceptance speech: “We know that reporting from Ukraine and many conflict zones is so hard… The truth is that journalism comes at a cost, reporting the truth comes at a cost, it shouldn’t be that way but it is, so I’m very grateful to the scores of journalists and camera operators from Sky News, who have gone on my behalf, into Ukraine over the last 18 months.

“And we know the greatest prize is when we are able to bring our colleagues back home again.”

Sky’s entry also featured live analysis from Ukraine by correspondents including Alistair Bunkall, and showcased how our experts explained the latest troop movements using our studio’s big screen.

Others nominated in the news category for an International Emmy included Brazil’s Globo, Al Jazeera English and TV4 News from Sweden.


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