France National Football Team: Spanish king nominates Pedro Sanchez for premiership bid

MADRID: Spain’s king Felipe on Tuesday nominated acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez to face a parliamentary vote for a new mandate after his conservative rival failed in his bid to become premier last week, lower house speaker Francina Armengol told reporters.
“I will inform the candidate of the king’s decision and I will listen to his (Sanchez’s) proposal for the required timeframe,” Armengol said after meeting with the head of state.
In an inconclusive general election on July 23, Sanchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers Party secured fewer seats than the conservatives of Alberto Nunez Feijoo, but Sanchez has been adamant that he can muster enough support for his candidacy.
To reach the threshold of votes needed to stay in office, he will have to woo Catalan and Basque parties, some of which advocate their regions’ independence from Madrid.
If no candidate secures a majority by November 27, a repeat election has to be called.


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