India tunnel collapse: 30 workers trapped following landslide in Himalayan region | World News

More than 30 people have been trapped after an under-construction road tunnel collapsed in India.

The tunnel collapsed on Sunday after a landslide in India’s northern Himalayan state of Uttarakhand – a region popular with tourists.

All of those trapped were working on the tunnel, according to officials, who said they were pumping oxygen through a pipe into the collapsed section in order to help the workers breathe.

Food is also being sent to the trapped workers.

Manohar Tamta, an Uttarakhand state relief official, said it would take “some time to bring them out”.

However, the workers have sent out signals indicating that they are safe, according to the Press Trust of India news agency, citing a state government official.

A major rescue operation is under way to rescue to workers. Pic: AP

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The collapsed portion of the tunnel is about 200m (500ft) from the entrance, according to police.

About 160 rescuers from federal and state disaster relief agencies are using drilling equipment and excavators to reach the workers.

Uttarakhand state is dotted with Hindu temples and sees a huge flow of pilgrims and tourists every year.

It has expanded over the years with the massive construction of buildings and roads.


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