Nutrient: Joe Biden ‘confused’ at wreath-laying ceremony in Arlington

NEW DELHI: A video of US President Joe Biden at a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day is doing the rounds of the internet as looks “extremely disoriented and confused” in the video.
The ceremony took place in Arlington, where President Biden, accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, representatives of the US Armed Forces, and a sizable crowd of civilian guests, participated in the wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
During the ceremony, President Biden received the wreath from a US Army service member and placed it in front of the tomb.
However, in the viral video, Biden looked in a state of apparent confusion as he, after placing the wreath, hesitated and seemed disoriented when turning away.
Biden “hesitated, seemingly stumbled a bit, and then seemed extremely confused by where he was,” reported The Blast.
In the video, Biden turns to a service member next to the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, appearing to seek direction on his next steps.
The service member was seen extending his arm and guiding President Biden to return to the lineup alongside Vice President Harris for the remainder of the ceremony.
This incident is not the first time President Joe Biden has garnered attention for his actions. In June, he attracted headlines when he fell on stage during the United States Air Force Academy Graduation in Colorado. The 80-year-old, serving as the commencement speaker, had concluded his speech before falling.


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