Rishi Sunak and David Cameron: Inspiration or desperation? | UK News

David Cameron is back in government as the new foreign secretary.

While many commentators had predicted Suella Braverman would be sacked as home secretary, none predicted the former prime minister would be walking down Downing Street into a new job and a place in the House of Lords.

On this episode of the Sky News Daily, Sally Lockwood looks over Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle with political editor Beth Rigby.

She’s also joined by former Tory MP, and cabinet minister during Mr Cameron’s government, Anna Soubry, and deputy editor of Conservative Home, Henry Hill – to analyse if Mr Sunak has laid the foundations for his best chance at election victory – or is looking like a leader who might be out of ideas.

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Producers: Emma Rae Woodhouse and Soila Apparicio
Interviews Producer: Melissa Tutesegensi
Promotions Producer: David Chipakupaku
Editors: Wendy Parker and Paul Stanworth


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