Couple mentions ‘bomb in the bag’ during security check at Goa airport; detained

NEW DELHI/PANAJI: A couple was apprehended by the police following a security check at Goa’s Dabolim International Airport, where they made a false claim about having a “bomb in the bag.”
The statement caused a significant delay of nearly 90 minutes for the flight they were scheduled to board, according to an official on Wednesday.
Deputy superintendent of police (Vasco) Salim Sheikh said that Atulkumar Kewat (29) from Madhya Pradesh and Tritiya Jana (29), a resident of Kolkata, were taken into custody.
As part of a security check for an IndiGo flight heading from Goa to Bengaluru, Atulkumar Kewat (29) from Madhya Pradesh and Tritiya Jana (29) from Kolkata were detained.
This action was taken in response to their engagement in a bomb hoax during the security screening process.
According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (Vasco) Salim Sheikh, the incident took place at 23:42 hours on Tuesday while the couple was awaiting a security check before boarding the flight.
“While standing in the queue, they uttered, ‘there is a bomb in the bag’ (‘uske bag me bomb hai’). Fellow passengers promptly notified security personnel, who subsequently conducted thorough checks on all luggage,” he stated, confirming that no suspicious items were discovered.
The individuals did not specify whose bag they were referring to, creating ambiguity in the situation.
A formal complaint was lodged against the couple, who were vacationing in Goa, by the security in-charge at the airport police station.
Subsequently, the couple was taken into custody.
The flight to Bengaluru eventually departed after a delay of nearly one and a half hours, as confirmed by DSP Sheikh.
Both passengers, Atulkumar Kewat and Tritiya Jana, were charged under Section 505 of the Indian Penal Code for public mischief. They were further subjected to questioning by the police.
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