Man arrested after death of pro-Israel demonstrator Paul Kessler in California | US News

A man has been arrested in the US in connection with the death of a Jewish protester during demonstrations over the Israel-Hamas war.

Authorities in California said the 50-year-old suspect will be booked into jail as part of an investigation of involuntary manslaughter – the unintentional killing of another person.

The district attorney will decide whether there is enough evidence to bring a formal charge, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said.

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Paul Kessler, 69, died early on 6 November at a hospital following an alleged confrontation the previous day with a pro-Palestinian demonstrator in Thousand Oaks, a suburb northwest of Los Angeles.

Sheriff Jim Fryhoff said officers determined Mr Kessler had fallen backwards and struck his head on the ground.

Mr Kessler was among a group of pro-Israel demonstrators who showed up at the event, which was advertised as a peaceful gathering to support Palestinians.

The pro-Palestinian demonstrator stayed at the scene and told deputies he had called 911, Mr Fryhoff said.

The authorities did not say why an arrest took place and said they were still seeking more video evidence in the case.

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Officials have said investigators were getting conflicting information from witnesses on both sides about what took place before Mr Kessler fell.

A short video clip showed him on the ground, but no footage has been released showing the actual confrontation.

About 75 people were there and patrols in the area reported seeing no indication of violence 15 minutes before the alleged altercation, officials said.


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