MP assembly polls: 2.5 feet long, first-time voter Kailash Thakur all set to exercise his franchise in Mandla

MANDLA (MADHYA PRADESH): First-time voters often experience a unique sense of excitement and fulfillment as they actively participate in democracy by casting their vote.
The excitement was evident in the case of the likely shortest voter in the state, hailing from Mandla district, during the Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls.
Kailash Thakur, a first-time voter who stands at two and a half feet tall, is poised to exercise his voting right in the Mandla assembly constituency of the district on Friday.
His enthusiasm for participating in the grand festival of democracy has captured the attention of everyone in his village, leaving people surprised by his commitment.
Having turned 18 on April 22 of this year, Thakur recently obtained his Voter ID card just two days ago.
Overjoyed by this development, he is now eagerly looking forward to exercising his right to vote with great excitement.
“I will vote for the first time. I will use his votes to elect a good government which will develop Madhya Pradesh,” ANI quoted Thakur as saying.
On the other hand, Kailash Thakur’s father Bhuvan Lal Thakur said, “Kailash has been a victim of malnutrition since childhood, due to which his height is different from normal people. Kailash talks very well due to which he is the favorite of the entire village. I am very happy that Kalish is going to vote for the first time.”
In the meantime, Saloni Sidana, the district election officer and collector of Mandla, acknowledged Kailash Thakur as a special voter.
Despite his shorter stature, she noted that he possesses a significant vision, emphasizing the unique qualities that make his participation in the democratic process noteworthy.
As part of the Voter Awareness Campaign, Sidana highlighted the ongoing efforts to promote awareness.
She mentioned that they are actively utilizing various groups at the block and village levels to raise awareness and encourage maximum voter turnout.
This initiative aligns with the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Plan.
“It is expected that like the last elections, this time too there will be good voting in the district,” she added.
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