Congress batters spent 5 years trying to run out each other in Raj: PM

JAIPUR: Cricket was in the desert air as politics took the dais in poll-bound Rajasthan on Sunday, with PM Narendra Modi aiming at Congress’s stumps by alluding to the Ashok Gehlot-Sachin Pilot tussle with an analogy about how its leaders “forget to make runs and try to run out each other”.
That wasn’t the only cricketing metaphor the PM hurled at Congress during a rally at Taranagar in Churu.
“Some of the other players have been out ‘hit wicket’ with their statements about women,” Modi said without naming CM Gehlot’s cabinet colleague Shanti Dhariwal, who had declared Rajasthan as being “mardo ka pradesh (land of macho men)” during a 2022 discussion in the assembly on crimes against women.Modi also accused a section of Congress leaders of being “busy fixing matches”.
“Brothers and sisters, you must ensure that we have at least five to seven centuries (500-700 votes) for our candidates in every polling booth. The crooked squad will be bowled out if you vote for BJP,” he told the crowd.
Polling booths in Rajasthan have an average of 1,100 registered voters.
The PM said that in keeping with Congress’s alleged politics of appeasement, the Gehlot government would refuse permission for peaceful religious processions while allowing “terrorist outfits like PFI” to stage demonstrations in the state,
“Under Congress, it has become impossible to even invoke the name of God on this soil,” he said.
On CM Gehlot’s repeated attacks on Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar for his visit to Rajasthan, Modi said, “Jagdeep Dhankhar of Jhunjhunu was appointed Vice President, and it did not go down well with Congress party. Gehlot ji is also irritated by his trip to Rajasthan. Should no one show up to see their relatives?”

PM dubs CM Ashok Gehlot as ‘Jadugar’, accuses congress of turning Rajasthan into a hub for corruption


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