‘Ukrainian sniper makes world record, kills Russian soldier from nearly 3.8 km’

A Ukrainian sniper, serving with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), has reportedly set a new world record by eliminating a Russian soldier from a distance of nearly 2.5 miles (3.8kms) . This feat, as informed by Kyiv’s security service to Ukrainian media, surpasses the previous world record by about 260 meters.
According to a Newsweek report, the record-breaking shot, which was made at a distance of 3.8 kilometers (approximately 2.3 miles), was confirmed by the SBU’s press office in communications with Ukrainian news outlets, including Gordonua.com and Ukrinform.This achievement outdistances the 2017 record held by a Canadian special forces sniper, who made a confirmed kill at 3,540 meters in Iraq. Before that, British sniper Craig Harrison held the record with a 2,475-meter shot that killed a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan in 2009.
“The SBU sniper set a world record for a successful shot,” said the SBU’s press office. “He hit a Russian soldier from an incredible distance.” The SBU further commented on the achievement, saying, “SBU snipers are changing the rules of world sniping, demonstrating the ability to work effectively at fantastic distances.”
Footage allegedly showing the record-setting strike has been shared by the media outlets, though it could not independently verify this information or the video. The rifle used for this historic shot is reportedly a domestically-produced model known as “the Lord of the Horizon,” the Newsweek report said.
The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, now in its 21st month following Russia’s invasion in February 2022, has predominantly been characterized as an artillery war. However, snipers have played a significant role on the battlefield, as evidenced by this latest record-setting event.
Meanwhile, during a Sunday meeting with defence minister Rustem Umerov, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for swift modifications in the Ukrainian military’s operations and declared the removal of the head of the military’s medical forces.
This announcement from Zelenskyy came amidst ongoing discussions about the strategy and pace of the 20-month conflict against Russia, particularly concerning the progress of counteroffensives in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.
“In today’s meeting with defence minister Umerov, priorities were set,” Zelenskyy stated in his nightly video address. “There is little time left to wait for results. Quick action is needed for forthcoming changes.”
(With inputs from agencies)


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