Rape survivor axed to death by suspect’s | India News

LUCKNOW: A 19-year-old who had lodged a rape complaint was axed to death in full public view late Monday evening by the suspect’s brother in UP’s Kaushambi after months of resisting pressure to withdraw the case, sparking tension in the area as the siblings remained traceless.
The woman was attacked in Dherha village when she and her sister-in-law were returning home from the local police station after lodging a complaint against Ashok Paswan, the elder of the two brothers.
The FIR, for alleged rape on false pretext of marriage, was filed in May 2022 against Ashok’s younger brother Pawan. Police had sent Pawan behind bars, but he got bail about three weeks ago.
On Monday evening, Ashok, allegedly inebriated, had a heated argument with the woman, hacked her with the axe when she started shooting a video of the altercation between them and later escaped along with Pawan.


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