UK Covid Rules: Adhering to Covid rules linked to poorer mental health: UK survey

NEW DELHI: A recent research indicates that individuals who strictly followed the lockdown rules during the pandemic are now facing the worst mental health outcomes. Bangor University academics discovered that people with ‘communal’ personalities, who are characterized as caring and being sensitive followed the protocols more strictly. Surprisingly, individuals with ‘agentic’ personalities, known for independence, competitiveness, and a desire for control, were the least likely to exhibit such behaviors.The study links stringent adherence to lockdown measures with heightened stress, anxiety, and depression, reports The Guardian.
Dr Marley Willegers and her colleagues concluded, “The more individuals complied with health advice during lockdown, the worse their wellbeing post-lockdown. While increasing individuals’ worry of infection can effectively drive compliance, it also has negative consequences on people’s wellbeing and recovery.”
The researchers conducted a study analyzing the compliance of 1,729 individuals in Wales with the rules during the first UK-wide lockdown from March to September 2020. They also measured levels of stress, anxiety, and depression among them from February to May of the following year.
Individuals with ‘communal’ tendencies exhibited the highest levels of ongoing disturbances to their mental well-being. Conversely, those with ‘agentic’ personalities showed a better ability to ‘bounce back’ from the effects of lockdown.
Willegers also informed that some individuals struggled with the transition from receiving regular advice on following public health guidelines during the pandemic to a lack of guidance when lockdown ended.


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