Happy Holi 2024: How to use AI to generate Holi stickers for WhatsApp

Holi is here. And, if you want to send your wishes to your family and friends, WhatsApp Stickers have always been a great medium to do that. That said, you can easily find some Holi WhatsApp Stickers via the Play Store or resend the ones you’ve received from someone.
Or, you can create your own Holi stickers – with some personal touch or message – to send someone.If you are wondering how to do that? Here’s our step-by-step guide:
But, before that, WhatsApp recently introduced built-in support for creating WhatsApp Stickers as a part of the entire AI-sticker push. In this guide, we will use WhatsApp’s integrated sticker creator to create Holi stickers.
Things to know

  • These stickers are generated via the image you’ve selected.
  • At the time, the sticker description is supported in English language only.
  • A sticker, once sent, will automatically get added to ‘recent’ section
  • You can tap the sticker to add it as your ‘Favourite’ and send to more user

Create custom Holi stickers using generative AI
WhatsApp is working on a feature to generate stickers using generative AI. However, it is currently limited to certain regions. But, there are other AI image generators available that can come-in handy. You can use AI-image generators like Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini to generate Holi images, emoticons, etc and then use WhatsApp’s existing sticker creator tool to convert them into stickers.
Simply access Copilot, Gemini or other AI image generators of your choice. Give a simple command like “Create an image for Holi wish” or Generate an emoticon with “Happy Holi 2024″ written on it”. Once the images are generated, download them.
Now, you can use these images to create stickers for WhatsApp, here’s how it’s done.

  • Open a chat.
  • Tap emoji > stickers.
  • Tap Create. If prompted, tap Continue.
  • Select an image from your gallery and tap Ok.
  • WhatsApp will convert the image into a sticker.
  • Once the sticker has been generated, you can add more things on top of it, like text, drawing or another sticker.
  • After you are satisfied with the sticker, tap on the ‘Send’ button at the bottom right corner.

Disclaimer: The image featured with this article was generated by artificial intelligence. While AI art is a powerful tool, it’s important to be aware that these images may not depict real people, places, or events. The purpose of this image is for illustrative purposes only.


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