Watch: Five Bangladesh fielders chasing one ball in 2nd Test vs Sri Lanka | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: A light-hearted moment emerged that captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide in the middle of the high-stakes drama unfolding between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during the 2nd Test at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chattogram.
Amid the intense battle between bat and ball, a peculiar incident involving five Bangladeshi fielders chasing a single ball brought a giggle to the faces of the spectators.
During the 21st over of Sri Lanka’s second innings, Hasan Mahmud delivered a back-of-a-length ball to Sri Lankan batsman Prabath Jayasuriya. Jayasuriya elegantly guided the ball past the gully region, prompting an unexpected frenzy among the Bangladeshi fielders.
In an almost comical display, five fielders started running after the ball, with each eager to seize the opportunity to stop it from touching the boundary. However, the fielder stationed at the point won the race and ultimately intercepted the ball’s path.

The Test match, which had already seen its fair share of twists and turns over the preceding days, showcased the relentless battle between bat and ball. With Bangladesh striving to assert their dominance and Sri Lanka fighting to maintain their advantage, every delivery carried immense significance.
From the batting beauty displayed on the first two days to the resurgence of the bowlers on the third day, the match has offered a rollercoaster of emotions for players and fans alike. Bangladesh’s valiant efforts with the ball, led by Hasan Mahmud’s impressive four-wicket haul, breathed new life into the contest, setting the stage at the end of the third day.


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