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Jacques Kallis is one of the legends of the game who has been part of many a historic moments for South Africa. Not just a top-order batsman, Kallis’s seam-up bowling made him one of the greatest allrounders the game has seen.
The burly South African retired from the game in 2014; and such has been Kallis’s contribution that not many discussions involving South African cricket can be without his name popping up in some context.
During one such online chat involving former Pakistan wicketkeeper Rashid Latif and South Africa’s Pakistan-origin spinner Imran Tahir, the latter answered one of Latif’s questions with an anecdote that highlights the talent and focus Kallis possessed.
Here’s how the conversation went in a video that has gone viral on social media:
Latif: Is it true that Jacques Kallis used to sleep before batting?
Tahir: I have seen it with my eyes. It was my second or third Test and we were playing against Sri Lanka in Cape Town. Hashim (Amla) bhai and Alviro Petersen were set to open. I went inside the changing room and Jacques Kallis was fast asleep, snoring.
I thought a Test match is on, and this guy has to bat at No.3. How will he get up? He is in deep sleep…Morne Morkel came and I asked him if I should wake Kallis up. He said ‘no, don’t do that; he will get annoyed’. So I said to myself that I will stay here until a wicket falls. Let me see what he does.”
Just at that moment, Alivro Petersen got out. Then I saw Kallis, who opened one eye and looked at the TV, then opened the other one and got up rubbing his eyes. Then in the most casual fashion, he tucked his gloves on one side, picked up his bat and went down.
He scored 237 not out. I was in a state of shock.
Latif: Had anything like this happened in our Pakistan dressing room, there would have been a fine of $200.
Tahir: Not a fine of $200, the player wouldn’t have played ever again (smiles).


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