‘Nijjar not a great…’: Canadian MP criticises Parliament’s decision to honour Nijjar | India News

Canadian liberal MP Chandra Arya expressed his disagreement with the recent decision by the House of Commons to hold a moment of silence in memory of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Sikh separatist and India-designated terrorist, on the anniversary of his killing, according to a report by The Globe and Mail.
Nepean Arya commented on the exclusivity of parliamentary honours, stating, “When Parliament decides to hold a moment of silence, it is very exclusive and limited to a few great Canadians who have immensely served Canadians for most of their lives.Nijjar is not one of these people,” In an interview with the newspaper on Monday, He questioned the decision to elevate Nijjar’s status despite “credible allegations” connecting his killing to a foreign government.
The moment of silence for Nijjar, who was shot and killed outside a gurdwara in Surrey, BC, on June 18 last year, was observed on Tuesday by MPs from all Canadian parties. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had linked the incident to “credible allegations” involving the Indian government, leading to strained diplomatic relations.
Arya, known for his advocacy of stronger ties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s government and his opposition to Khalistan separatist movements, raised concerns about Nijjar’s background. He cited findings that Nijjar had entered Canada using a fake passport, promoted violence, and was associated with Sikh militants advocating for Khalistan in Punjab. The investigation also revealed Nijjar’s presence on Canada’s no-fly list and multiple instances of police questioning.
The relationship between India and Canada has been tense due to the ongoing Khalistan issue. In September of the previous year, Trudeau claimed that Indian agents were potentially involved in the death of Nijjar. India strongly rejected Trudeau’s accusations, calling them “absurd and motivated”.
India has consistently held the position that the primary problem between the two nations is Canada’s tolerance for pro-Khalistan activists who operate freely on Canadian territory.


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