Biden Black Girl Viral Video: ‘Smitten black girl rejected by Biden’: What’s the truth behind viral video?

A video of President Joe Biden ignoring a black woman supporter while merrily moving towards an old white supporter has gone viral with the Republican supporters sharing it and asking Donald Trump to make it his campaign video.
But what’s the truth of the video? The video was reportedly taken in Madison, Wisconsin where Biden was meeting his supporters. Biden was hugging his supporters and taking selfies as a black girl was seen waiting holding a signage for Biden-Harris for her turn.But Biden moved to the white woman standing next to the black girl. As Biden hugged the white woman, the black girl looked away and she was visibly upset. The she smiled as Biden was interacting with others around her.

“Trump should run this as a campaign ad,” an X user commented.
“The look on her face. Oh my!,” another user commented.
Smitten black girl rejected by Biden who instead stopped to take selfies with old angry white women,” a user wrote. “Not only did Biden shun the black girl, not once, but twice, and one of the old white hands that Biden favored cursed her for holding a sign,” the user wrote.
The user shared another video claiming that the black girl was not even standing at the front row but was pulled from the back row and placed up front in front of the cameras so that Biden could gain some black voters but Biden ignored her. “It gets worse. The black girl was pulled from the back row and placed up front where cameras could see her. She was nothing more than a political stunt for Biden to gain appeal with black voters, and he ignored her,” the user said.
“Trump should send her a personal invite to his next rally,” a user wrote,
“That was crude, rude, hurtful and embarrassing. Ignored twice, and basically pushed aside. He is so obvious, and disgusting. She would not have been treated like that at a Trump event,” another wrote.
In a recent interview with a radio station on July 4, Biden made a slip-up and referred to himself as “the first black woman to serve with a Black president”.


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