Meghan McCain: Meghan McCain asked to shut up on X as her Biden-bashing continues: ‘Your father…’

Meghan McCain, daughter of former senator late John McCain was asked to shut up on X Saturday as she continued her tirade against Joe Biden and the Biden family. Social media users shared the old photo of Joe Biden comforting Meghan when her father was suffering from brain cancer. “Did Meghan say her father was cognitively incapable? No, she didn’t,” a user wrote.
“Meghan McCain’s father spent the last months of his career in hospice care. He abandoned his constituents, leaving them without full Senate representation. He did that to run out the clock on a special election, so the governor could appoint a Republican, instead of letting voters choose.
Meghan is welcome to take all the seats and shut all the way the fuck up,” another user wrote.

Meghan has been critical of Biden and opined that he will not be elected to another term “one way or another”. “Joe Biden can step aside for another candidate or lose in historic numbers in a few months — but one way or another he will not be President soon and this is something his family should start coming to terms with since they all seem to be living in a severe level of delusion,” McCain said in a post on X Friday.
The post drew flak from Democrat supporters who pointed out how Biden was there with her when John McCain was suffering from brain cancer but Meghan is being disgusting in her all-out attack on the Biden family, including Jill Biden and Hunter Biden.
McCain called the Biden defenders hysterical and same as Trump defenders. “The hysterical Biden defenders are exactly the same as the hysterical Trump defenders and frankly this cult worship of our presidents is really scary and exactly the opposite of what that position was intended to be when created by our founding fathers. These men aren’t kings,” Meghan posted.


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