Melania Trump Latest News: When Melania Trump said she doesn’t need to stand by Donald like Jill

Melania Trump will not be a whole-time First Lady if Donald Trump returns to the White House this November. While this has created a flutter, Melania’s close associates said Melania was never a full-time first lady in the first place. Former White House press secretary and chief-of -staff Stephanie Grisham said in March that Melania once said that she doesn’t need to stand by Donald Trump like Jill Biden.”It’s like she’s holding Joe Biden up,” Grisham said.
Melania, according to Trump biographer Michael Wolff, never wanted to Donald Trump to run and she became the most demi-detached First Lady in US history. In 2016 when Trump moved into the White House, Melania initially stayed behind in their New York Trump Tower apartments, before finally heading to Washington in the summer of 2017. At that time, her excuse was Barron was in school and needed her to stay nearby.
This time too, Melania wants to stay with Barron Trump who is likely to join New York University and according to reports, Melania has already made a deal with Trump that she will only be at the White House on special occasions.
After the first presidential debate on CNN, Melania’s absence was pointed out as Jill Biden led Joe Biden off the stage and Trump left the stage alone. But Grisham said Melania was never a ‘stand-by-your-man’ spouse. Trump camp insiders, however, insist that Donald Trump relies of Melania’s opinion far more than it might appear.
Melania was not present during Trump’s hush-money trial, at Trump’s 78th birthday party or at any prominent fundraiser. Grisham believes that this absence was because of optics and Melania cares intently about her public image. In fact, Melania is increasingly thinking about what’s good for her rather than for her husband.
First Lady expert Kate Anderson Bower told Axios she believes Melania is distancing herself even more her husband and from the Washington social political scene. Mary Jordan, author of Melania biography said her absence makes her stand out in history from any other First Lady. Melania is not looking for any way out for her political responsibilities in case Trump is back at the White House because she is seriously concerned about Barron’s college life. Barron never lived by himself and that’s why Melania wants to devote more time in New York.


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