‘Shakespearean’: Biden’s family tensions with staff boil over after debate fiasco, says report

US President Biden’s family is increasingly trying to take part in President Joe Biden’s campaign and White House matters, fueled by frustration with his staff after the recent debate debacle that has motivated them to bypass staff to support Biden, NBC reported quoting sources familiar to the matter as saying.
“The debate fiasco has opened up a lane for the family to surpass staff and start helping out their father and brother who they love dearly,” the report quoted the source as saying.
Tensions between the family and some of Biden’s closest aides have been growing, and his debate performance has intensified the issue, according to NBC. Some Biden aides view the family’s actions as an attempt to address longstanding grievances, while the family believes the debate was mishandled by the staff, who failed to properly highlight Biden’s strengths.
This internal conflict has frustrated Biden’s staff, who believe the family’s emotional involvement is hindering their efforts to manage the crisis. A Biden campaign aides expressed that the situation is unproductive, while another close to the president suggested the family isn’t grasping the political realities.
“It’s not helpful,” one Biden campaign aide was quoted as saying.
“It’s Shakespearean,” another close aid was quoted as saying.
In an ABC News interview on Friday, Biden took full responsibility for his debate performance, asserting it was his fault alone.
Hunter Biden’s recent attendance at White House meetings marks the beginning of expected deeper involvement from the family. Valerie Owens, Biden’s sister, also came to Washington this week for discussions about her brother’s campaign.
However, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients has dismissed the rumors of internal strife, affirming the president and first lady’s confidence in their team. “The president and first lady have full confidence in their team. There is absolutely no truth to these unfounded and insulting rumors.”
Family members feel that top aides have blamed the president for the debate’s failure instead of accepting responsibility, which has particularly upset the Biden family. A source was quoted as explaining that the debate performance was the breaking point, with the staff’s blame-shifting angering the family, who expected loyalty and accountability from the president’s aides.
“I believe the family has witnessed blunder after blunder by key staff personnel and the debate is likely the straw that broke the camel’s back.”


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