California dad’s grocery list goes viral: ‘What it takes to feed six kids’

A father of six posted a video of the receipt of the grocery items and other food items that he bought from Trader Joe’s amounting to a whopping $444. “Here’s what it takes to feed six kids about a week and a half,” the dad of six said as he showed the social media users the long list. Most of the items on the list const between $2.99 and $3.99 but the total bill came to $444 as there were many things on the list.
The list went viral as it triggered a debate on the living cost at the pricey area of Westlake village while many social media users advised the dad on his choice of items and also the choice of the supermarket.Trader Joe’s is not meant for large families, some users commented asking him to shop from cotsco for his large family.
‘Trader Joe’s is cheap but this person didn’t buy anything to cook, it’s all prepared stuff which is always more. Buy ingredients and make food,’ a user schooled him.

Some social media users asked why he was complaining after buying so many unnecessary and luxury items.
“Nearly half of everything on the list is organic, which is a luxury. Also things like Gnocci Alla Sorrentina, surfine capers, and Brazil nut body wash (!)?” a user commented.
‘If he’s going to cry about prices, at least have some buying discipline,” another said.
$444 for 1.5 week’s haul? What did the dad buy?
The list included breaded chicken tenderloin, shredded hash browns, frozen organic peas, fries seasons waffle, soup dumplings chicken, organic 3 cheese pizza, Margherita pizza, sauce chimichurri, chicken and cheese tamales, burritos bean rice, pancake maple puffs, gnocchi cauliflower, frozen organic broccoli, fat-free crumbled feta, turkey corn dogs, tempura shrimp, instant oatmeal, salsa verde and a lot more things,


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