Kamala Harris: Why Kamala Harris is not talking about Biden

The woman the entire US is watching is Vice President Kamala Harris who made an appearance in Essence Fest — a festival for Black women in New Orleans Saturday amid the ongoing crisis over President Joe Biden. Her appearance came within 24 hours of Biden’s underwhelming ABC interview. Axios reported that Kamala Harris mentioned her boss only once during the half-hour Q and A.
Kamala Harris focusing in beating Trump, not concerns over Biden
During the conversation, Harris said US election 2024 is probably the most significant election of the lifetime. Donald Trump openly declared that his intention is to be a dictator from day one if he is re-elected, Kamala Harris said positioning the election topic towards Trump, and not Biden.
“People voted in record numbers in 2020. This is what was able to happen, and when everyone votes in those numbers again in 122 days, we can see it through,” Harris said.
Harris has emerged as the obvious successor if Biden steps aside which he won’t, he has made it clear. Her approval rating has also shot up after the CNN debate and the ABC interview could not help assuage the situation either. But Harris is not indulging in none of this and standing strong behind Biden.
‘Waiting on an older white man to make a decision’
Axios observed that Kamala Harris’ next move is unclear and her position is what every woman knows well: Waiting on an older white man to make a decision.
Kamala Harris in her Saturday speech didn’t name Biden as she asked for votes for her party.
Kamala Harris became the first African American and Asian person to serve as the vice president. If she becomes the party’s nominee replacing Biden ad wins against Trump, she will be US’ first woman president. Her approval rating as the vice president was abysmal but recent polls said Harris could do better than Biden against Trump. A CNN poll released on July 2 found voters favor Trump over Biden by six percentage points, or 49% to 43%. Harris also trailed Trump, 47% to 45%, within the margin of error. It also found independents back Harris 43%-40% over Trump, and moderate voters of both parties prefer her 51-39%. A Reuters/Ipsos poll after last week’s televised debate between Trump and a faltering Biden found Harris and Trump were nearly tied, with 42% supporting her and 43% backing him.


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