Blitz Primary: Secret memo to replace Biden by August in circulation: ‘Lord Almighty…’

President Joe Biden recently said he will opt out of the presidential race only if Lord Almighty asks him to do so. With a clear reference to that, a secret but detailed memo is being circulated among the Democrats saying, “Lord helps those who help themselves”. The memo is to replace President Biden in a “blitz primary” before the party’s convention in August if Biden can not be convinced to bow out.Two influential Democratic operatives are circulating the memo, New York Post reported citing Semafor.
“While we hope for help from Lord Almighty, the Lord helps those who help themselves,” the memo drafted by Georgetown University law Professor Rosa Brooks and venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith read.
“We can limp to shameful, avoidable democracy-ending defeat. Or Democrats can make this Our Finest Hour,” the memo says.
Here’s what the draft days

  1. Biden would step down as the nominee in mid-July and announce his support for vice president Kamala Harris.
  2. The potential candidates will throw their hats in the ring. The party would then begin a primary stint in which the six candidates will pledge to run campaigns in the month leading up to the convention.
  3. The “blitz primary” would involve weekly forums with each candidate moderated by cultural icons (Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Taylor Swift are among the names floated in the memo) in order to engage voters, Semafor reported.
  4. The nominee would then be chosen before the start of the Chicago convention on August 19.
  5. On the third day of the gathering, the nominee would be announced. Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton will be present on the stage.
  6. Biden would be celebrated as “modern-day George Washington”, the draft imagines.

Draft vs real
Biden said Monday that he is committed to staying in the presidential race because he knows he can defeat Donald Trump. He wrote a letter to the Democrats, appeared on NBC’s Morning Joe and sent the message loud and clear that he doesn’t care what the elite donors are saying as he does not run for them.


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