Sydney Balcony Rent: This balcony is listed for rent at $360 per week in Sydney: ‘Sunny room’

The photo of a balcony of a Sydney apartment has gone viral because it has been listed for rent in an advertisement on Facebook marketplace. The post qualifies the balcony as a “sunny room” in Haymarket but social media users commented that the sunny room is actually a broad balcony and nothing else.
In the photo, the balcony can be seen as an enclosed place with a single bed, a standing mirror, a chest of drawers and couple of rugs.The advertiser wrote that the person will have to share the bathroom with another person. “Ready to move in now. Easy to go anywhere,” it said. The rent is $360 a week including bills, the report said.
“That’s crazy. I hope you get kitchen and bathroom privileges at least. If you get to use the living areas, it might not be bad. But, the rest of the unit is rented weekly? That’s just strange,” a user commented.
9news reported that Sydney’s median rent remained at a record high of $750 a week in the 2024 June quarter . However, increases have slowed or halted around Australia as market factors shift in the favour of tenants, including increased rental availability, slowing demand, and declining migration. “We recognise the challenges renters have been facing, so it’s encouraging to observe our latest data showing easing rental conditions,” Domain research and economics chief Dr Nicola Powell told 9news.


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