Boeing: Boeing horror: Mechanic sucked into engine in Iran’s Chabahar

A mechanic was sucked into the engines of a Boeing plane at Iran’s Chabahar Konarak airport in a horrific incident that took place earlier this month. According to reports, Abolfazl Amiri was dragged into the engine of the Varesh Airline’s Boeing 737-500 when he went near the aircraft to get a tool. The engine was on for a test run.
The plane arrived from Tehran at 7.15 am local time on July 3 and the passengers disembarked when the engine on the right hand side was started for a test run.The cover flaps were open on the plan and a safety area was set up around the engine as usual, Bild reported.
The mechanic went back after he realized that he had forgotten a tool on the engine and was sucked in before the engine caught fire. His remains were reported recovered after the fire brigade arrived at the scene.

“In the morning of July 3rd, one of the specialists of Varesh Airlines, during the pilot’s power-up for reasons requiring investigation and analysis by air accident specialists at the accident site, suddenly found himself in the air suction path of the engine intake and was pulled into the CFM56-3 turboprop engine installed on a Boeing 737, dying instantly,” according to a source, who was quoted by aviation media outlet
This is not the first such incident of a person getting sucked into a plane’s engine. In May, a person dies after being sucked into the engine of a KLM Cityhopper Embraer E190 at Amsterdam’s main airport. The incident took place in front of many passengers who recounted a “hellish noise” when the person was sucked by the engine. “Today there was a horrible incident at Schiphol in which a person ended up in a running aircraft engine. Sadly the person has died. We receive passengers and employees who have seen this at Schiphol. The circumstances are currently being investigated. For further information – as soon as available – we refer to the Royal Military Police,” Airline KLM said in a statement.


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