Fridge Making Family Sick: ‘Collapsed in shower’: This Australian family claims their fridge is making them sick

An Australian family has claimed their fridge is making them so sick that they have never experienced such symptoms in their life. According to an Australian news outlet 9news, Adele and Alex Rae — the couple — experienced irritation to the nose, eyes and throat because of a strange smell that they said was coming from their Samsung fridge on May 19.
As Mrs Rae removed the groceries from the fridge, she felt a tingling in the lips and a numbness in the tongue. Later she collapsed in the shower and required paramedic treatment. She described the symptoms as something that she never experienced in her entire life. She had rapid breathing and her muscled became weak, the report said.
The fridge in question is a 2019 model Samsung SR520BLSTC, which does not have any recall listed on the government’s product recall database.
An independent technician called by the couple said there were many issues with the fridge including that the refrigerant and lubricating oil was leaking.
The couple said they approached the company which offered to refund $974 for the fridge but also asked them to sign a legal document preventing them from speaking about the incident. Calling it bullying, the couple rejected the offer and approached a consumer authority against Samsung.
‘Family denied us access to the fridge’
Samsung has issued a statement in which it said it has taken the complaint with utmost severity but could not investigate the matter as they did not get access to the refrigerator. “‘Samsung Electronics Australia is compliant with all applicable consumer laws and regulations; and views Mr Rae’s allegations with utmost severity having made multiple attempts with Mr Rae to investigate the matter,’ a Samsung spokesperson said.
“However Mr Rae has remained unwilling to provide us with access to the refrigerator to investigate or provide supporting evidence of the allegations made despite a full refund being offered.”


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