Ukraine hospital attack – and how the world reacts | World News

Ukraine has published what it says is “unequivocal” evidence a Russian missile hit Kyiv’s largest children’s hospital.

The Okhmatdyt hospital treats 20,000 people a year. A two-storey wing helping children with cancer was destroyed in the attack.

It was part of a barrage across Ukraine that was the deadliest for months – on the eve of a NATO summit and as China and Belarus start military exercises near the Polish border – what reaction can we expect?

Niall Paterson is joined by Jimmy Rushton, a Kyiv-based journalist and defence analyst, to hear more about the damage and the reaction from those in Ukraine’s capital. Plus, he speaks to our defence and security editor Deborah Haynes.

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For further background from Sky News, you can read more of Deborah’s analysis here, and our Moscow correspondent Ivor Bennet’s on Putin’s power play here.

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