37 Chinese aircraft detected around Taiwan: Taipei

In the course of joint exercises with an aircraft carrier in the western Pacific, Taiwan‘s defence ministry reported on Wednesday that it had detected 37 Chinese aircraft in the harbour, AFP reported.
Taiwan announced at about 9.30 am (0130 GMT) that “since 0520 today, the Ministry of National Defence detected a total of 37 Chinese aircraft”.
36 of these planes passed over the Taiwan Strait‘s median line, which divides Taiwan from China.
“(The aircraft) headed to the Western Pacific via our southern and southeastern airspace to cooperate with the aircraft carrier the Shandong in conducting ‘joint sea and air training’,” defence ministry said in a press release.
Shandong did not pass through the Bashi Channel, which is a typical path taken by Chinese ships bound for the Pacific Ocean, according to defence minister Wellington Koo.
Rather, it “went further south through the Balingtang Channel towards the Western Pacific,” he said.
China has increased military and political pressure on Taiwan in recent years and has not ruled out using force to impose its will on the island.


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