Joe Biden: ‘More stressed…’: European diplomat ahead of Biden’s ‘big boy’ press meet

US president Joe Biden will address a press conference this afternoon — the first since his CNN debate performance. White House has termed it the “big boy” press conference drawing much flak but now the eyes of the world leaders are on Biden as he will close out the Nato summit in Washington.
Nato officials are tensed as they are worried about Biden’s frail, shaky public addresses.A senior European diplomat told Politico that they are more stressed about whether Biden will go off script.
“It’s a very weird feeling to be in Europe listening to the president of the United States, and you’re more stressed about whether he will go off script than being excited to listen to the leader of the free world,” a senior European diplomat said. “You’re worried if he knows which direction he’s going or whether he’s going to fall or what he’s going to forget or if he’ll say ‘North Korea’ when he meant ‘South Korea.’ It’s just a weird experience.”
Biden will take questions from the White House press corps at 5.30 pm amid heavyweight Democrats turning the heat on him.
The press meet will come amid heated conferences where press secretary Karine Jean Pierre was cornered with questions over Biden’s health — the visit of Parkinson’s expert Dr Kevin Cannard to the White House. The official word on Biden’s health is that he is perfectly fine and is not undergoing Parkinson’s treatment. A detailed neurological test was done in February and the medical report did not detect any problem, the White House said.
Biden’s physician Dr Kevin O’Connor offered a clarification of Cannard’s visit and said every time Cannard came to the White House, it did not mean he came to check the president. A lot of reports on Biden’s waking hours, sleeping time have surfaced after his debate performance indicating that he does not function well at night.


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