KOLKATA: In Delhi Air India flight from Dubai made a emergency landing at Calcutta airport Wednesday night after a 50-year-old pilot fell ill on the way and needed urgent medical attention.
Kuldeep Singh Roy, complained of shortness of breath and his skin had started to turn bluish due to the low level of oxygen in his blood. The flight landed at Calcutta airport at 4:50 pm and after a preliminary diagnosis by the airport doctor, he was rushed to Charnock hospital, closest to the airport, by ambulance, where he is was hospitalized and is being treated.
“The patient was immediately started with high-flow oxygen and medications to raise blood pressure through the central line. Urgent investigations such as ECG, ECHO, chest HRCT, blood gas analysis were performed.” said a senior hospital official.
The official added that he is being treated by a pulmonologist who began treatment accordingly with a working diagnosis of pulmonary embolism with shock pulmonary edema.
“His condition continues to remain critical and he is in intensive care,” the official said, adding that his relatives in Delhi have been contacted by telephone and informed of his condition.
Meanwhile the flight with 159 passengers was at Calcutta airport for about two hours before flying to Delhi at around 6:50 pm.


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