DUBAI: “We respect their bowling attack, but we have a good bowling attack (ours) that produces results. We may not be like …” Rahul Dravid paused, scratched his head and then continued with an embarrassed smile: “The word is coming out of my mind but I can’t use it here. It’s a four letter word starting with an ‘S’. Let’s say (we) may not sound (as) glamorous.”
The press conference room burst into laughter. Dravid he was responding to a reporter’s suggestion that Pakistan could have a much more powerful bowling attack than India. India teamThe coach would not simply let him pass on the eve of India’s second game against Pakistan in this tournament on Saturday.

The heatwave seemed to have returned here in Dubai on Saturday and Dravid also raised the heat one level. For the past 10 days, people have been craving some spice from both camps in this usually animated rivalry. Few would have imagined that it would ultimately come from the politically correct Dravid.
“I agree that they played pretty well in the last game. But we also limited them to 147. We can see that few of them threw at 145 or 147 km / h, but at the end of the day, the analysis of bowling is the most important thing “You are judged by the results. The analysis of our bowlers was also quite good, “said Dravid.” Our batters like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have scored heavily against Pakistan in big tournaments and games. ”

Dravid was simply opening an aggressive front for his team. Much of the hype around this Asian Cup has centered on how Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma are using this tournament as a pit stop ahead of Australia’s T20 World Cup in October. Every team that has been chosen and every XI that India has fielded in recent weeks has been seen as an indication of India’s approach towards that World Cup. The fact that Captain Rohit had declared that his team would continue to experiment only increased the anxiety over the team’s preparations.
“We are here to play the Asian Cup. We are playing with conditions. The goal of building a balanced team was that they could play in all kinds of conditions,” said Dravid.

How India and Pakistan fared in the Asian Cup

“We may not be successful in every area. We may not get the perfect selection of skills in the XV. But the effort is there to cover most of the bases. We are watching tomorrow’s game in Dubai and what we need to do under those conditions. In back of your mind, you have Australia, but the focus is exclusively on tomorrow (Sunday). Although we thought the Asian Cup would be the last stage of our preparation, we always came here to play with the best team possible or XI we can select, unless there are inconveniences or injuries “.

Concerns about the higher order approach
As India’s preparations gain momentum, the rusty top order including Rohit, Kohli and KL is a concern. However, Dravid claimed to have a smart approach rather than being rigid on the cricket branding.

“Sure, we want to play aggressive cricket. But you have to be smart about the conditions. It’s about having those par-plus totals. Every game isn’t going to be a 200-point game. In some games, the pitch, the bowling attack and the conditions. of land results in smaller totals. We saw here that 150 looked like a par total the other day. We’re not looking at 50 or big 100. It’s the small contributions that matter, “Dravid said.

Jadeja in doubt for T20 WC?
Ravindra Jadeja may be in doubt for the T20 World Cup in October. Sources told TOI that Jadeja’s chances of making it to the T20 World Cup became bleak after he was barred from the Asian Cup due to a recurring right knee injury.
“The injury looks bad. At the moment, it appears to have been gone for quite some time. A decision on his surgery will be made by the BCCI medical team,” the source said.

Coach Dravid, however, did not want to reveal much. “Jadeja injured his knee. He’s under the care of the medical team. The World Cup is far enough away. I don’t want to exclude or exclude it. I don’t want to make too many comments. We’ll see how it goes in six to eight weeks depending on the rehabilitation”, he said Dravid Saturday.

Difficult calls by selecting 15
Dravid said he had to have some difficult conversations with some players ahead of the T20 World Cup. “Few players will lose who did well when they had the opportunity, but it depended on the combination of teams. We had to have difficult conversations. There are 5-6 players out of the 15 we have selected here, I have had some discussions” Those are not been easy. You have to respect it. But gamers are also wise enough to understand. There is a real quality that remains outside the XI, “he said.

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