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Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the “Palestinian propaganda machine”, saying it was “caught red-handed” after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed Palestinian children were killed by a missile attack. militants from Gaza who did not live up to their objectives.

Speaking on “Fox News Live” on Sunday, the former prime minister said Israel must “pierce” the “lies” emanating from the Palestinians.

“They said we killed five children in Israel. They didn’t tell you the truth and it was captured on video,” Netanyahu said.

“Those five children were killed when [an] The Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israel has failed [and] they fell on these kids, so they actually killed their own children as they tried to kill us. “


Netanyahu made the comments as tensions between Israel and Gaza have increased since Friday, when the Israeli military announced an official operation after a coordinated attack killed Islamic Jihad commander Tayseer al-Jabari. According to the IDF, “Jabari has been responsible for multiple terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians”. A second senior commander, Khaled Mansour, was killed on Saturday.

Tension began to rise after Israeli security forces arrested the leader of the Islamic Jihad group, Bassem Saadi.

In a statement sent to Fox News Digital on Friday, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, noted that the mission was carried out on Friday “due to an attempted attack on Israeli civilians by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

The ambassador said that “Israel was forced to start a military operation with surgical attacks to counter its missile attacks from Gaza”.

“Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a proxy for the radical terror of the Ayatollahs regime in Iran and its clearly stated goal is the destruction of the state of Israel,” Erdan continued.

The ambassador also called on “the international community and the United Nations to stop making false immoral comparisons between a law-abiding democracy and radical terrorist organizations and to uphold Israel’s right to defend its citizens”.

Islamic Jihad militants have fired hundreds of rockets at Israel since Friday, some of which have targeted Jerusalem.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he believes the current conflict is not only a physical battle, but also “a moral and political battle” as well as “a public relations battle”.
(Ronen Zvulun / Pool via AP)

Netanyahu on Sunday said he believes the current conflict is not only a physical battle, but also “a moral and political battle” as well as “a battle for public relations”.

He then pointed to what he called the difference between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, arguing that “they shoot civilians while hiding behind civilians” while Israel tries “to target terrorists while avoiding civilian casualties as much as possible” .

“This is the difference between a free society, a democracy and these assassinations of terrorists who follow this radical ideology,” Netanyahu continued.

The former prime minister’s comments came just hours before Egyptian intelligence officials called for the ceasefire to begin on Sunday night, indicating an agreement was reached to end the violence.

The Associated Press reported that an Egyptian intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the truce between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad is expected to begin at 11:30 p.m.

Prior to development, Israeli planes hit targets in the Gaza Strip, increasing the Palestinian death toll, and militants fired repeated rocket shots that reached the depths of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid stressed that Israel is striking “in a precise and responsible way to minimize damage to non-combatants”.


“The Israeli government will not allow terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip to set the agenda in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip and threaten the citizens of the State of Israel,” Lapid said in a statement. “Anyone who tries to harm Israel should know: we will find you.”

Anders Hagstrom and The Associated Press of Fox News contributed to this report.

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