A stolen luxury Bentley has been found in the port city of Karachi, Pakistan, nearly 5,000 miles from his home in London.

A search and tip initiated by the UK’s National Crime Agency led Karachi authorities to a bungalow in the city.

Armed with a court order, officials raided the home and found the Bentley Mulsanne parked in the driveway.

In a statement, Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue Collectorate of Customs said it had received “credible information” from a “friendly country” on the whereabouts of the gray luxury car.

Bentley stolen in London found in Karachi, Pakistan Source Muhammad Yousuf

Officials told Sky News: ‘On the information we mounted a lookout, obtained a search warrant and found the car in the driveway covered in light gray cloth.

The vehicle had been taken to Pakistan with fake documents from a European diplomat and was found with fake license plates, one of which was handmade.

Authorities managed to identify the car by its chassis number.

Officials said those involved in the theft did not remove or turn off the Bentley’s tracker, which helped authorities determine its exact location.

Bentley stolen in London found in Karachi, Pakistan Source Muhammad Yousuf

The Bentley Mulsanne V8 is a flagship car from the British car company and is worth over £240,000, making it the marque’s largest and most expensive craft saloon.

Customs officials told Sky News the Pakistani owner had been asked to present legal documents, to which he said: ‘The seller assured me that he would clear all liabilities and paperwork from the relevant authorities by November .”

Customs have since seized the vehicle, and it is now parked at a compound, where Sky News found it to be in good condition.

The owner of the property where the Bentley was found, Jameel Shafi, has been taken into custody while authorities continue to search for the mastermind, who works at the Vehicle Registration Authority.

Police have opened an investigation into false import documents and a loss of $1.3m (£1.12m) in taxes to the Exchequer.

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