The missile company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos suffered its first failed launch, with an escape system that launched the crew capsule to safety.

The images show the flames coming out of the engine at about a minute of flight and the capsule extinguishing from the nose of the rocket.

He later landed in the Texan desert supported by three parachutes.

Monday’s mission was unmanned and contained dozens of experiments, but it’s the same system used to launch people to the edge of space.

Blue origin he said “the capsule escape system worked as expected” after the booster failed on his New Shepard rocket.

The video released by the company showed the capsule landing but not the fate of the rocket, which was going at around 700mph at around 28,000 feet (8,500m).

Commentary at the launch went silent when the failure occurred, with the announcer finally saying, “It appears we encountered an anomaly with today’s flight. This was not planned.”

The rocket usually lands in an upright position so that it can be used on future flights.

The FAA, the American aviation watchdog, grounded the rocket pending an investigation.

The capsule landed with the help of a parachute

It was the 23rd mission for the company and Mr. Bezos was on the first manned mission last year.

thirty-one people, including Star Trek actor William Shatnerthey traveled on the rocket and the last paid flight was last month.

Blue Origin, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are all competing in the emerging space tourism industry.

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