NEW DELHI: Chief Justice of India NV Ramana heavily criticized the “media trial” trend and agenda debates, particularly in electronic media.
Judge Ramana said the media often issue verdicts on issues that even experienced judges find difficult to decide.
“Lately, we see the media running kangaroo courts, sometimes on issues that even experienced judges find difficult to decide. Misinformed and agenda-driven debates on issues surrounding the enforcement of justice are proving harmful to the health of the democracy, “he said while speaking at an event at the Jharkhand High Court in Ranchi.
He has been particularly harsh on electronic media, saying he has “zero accountability”.
“By overcoming and violating your responsibilities, you are taking two steps back to our democracy. The print media still has a certain degree of responsibility, while the electronic media has no responsibility,” said the head of justice.
He also insisted on the need for a refurbishment of the infrastructure of the judiciary to allow judges to function better and address the pending cases.
“On several occasions, I have highlighted the problems leading to the suspension. I strongly supported the need to renew the infrastructure, both physical and personal, to allow the judges to function to their full potential,” said Judge Ramana.
He also lashed out at false narratives in the media about “judge-led easy lives”. He pointed to “prioritizing adjudication issues” as a challenge to the Indian judiciary.
“One of the biggest challenges before the current judiciary is prioritizing issues for adjudication. Judges cannot turn a blind eye to social realities. The judge must prioritize urgent matters to save the system from avoidable conflicts and burdens , “He said.
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