BHOPAL: The cheetah sprint inside Kuno National Park it is a symbol of India’s race for progress Azadi Ka AmritkaalPrime Minister Narendra Modi said after releasing cheetahs at the wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.
21st century India is sending a message to the world that economics and ecology are not conflicting fields, the Prime Minister said. “India is a living and breathing example of the fact that the country’s economic progress can take place alongside environmental protection. Today, on the one hand, we are included among the fastest growing economies in the world and at the same time the forest areas of the country are expanding rapidly, ”he added.
In past centuries, the exploitation of nature was considered a symbol of power and modernity, he noted. “In 1947, there were only three cheetahs left in the country, and they too were hunted mercilessly and irresponsibly in the forests of Sal,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the cheetahs were declared extinct in India in 1952 and was not made no significant effort to rehabilitate them for about seven decades.

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He expressed exultation that in Azadi Ka Amritkaal the country has started rehabilitating cheetahs with new energy. “Amrit has the power to revive even the dead. This elixir of duty and faith Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav it’s not only reviving our heritage, but now cheetahs have also set foot on Indian soil, “he said.
Cheetahs are found in some countries in Africa and Iran, but the name of India was removed from that list a long time ago. “Children won’t have to deal with this irony for years to come. I’m sure they will be able to see the cheetah running around their country – inside Kuno National Park. Today a great void in our forest and in life is filled by the cheetah “, Ways She said.
“We will have to show patience, wait a few months to see the cheetahs released in Kuno. Today these cheetahs came as guests, not knowing the area. In order for these cheetahs to make Kuno their home, we will have to give them a few months, “the Prime Minister said, noting that international guidelines are followed in this massive project.” When cheetahs whiz by in Kuno, the ecosystem of grasslands will be restored and lead to an increase in biodiversity. Job opportunities will increase due to the growing ecotourism in the area, thus opening up new possibilities for development, “he said.

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