Dramatic cockpit video shows a military jet hitting a vulture moments before it crashes to the ground in Texas.

The newly released clip shows the large bird flying into the Navy T-45C Goshawk and being ingested into one of its engines during an accident in September last year.

The sirens sound and in less than 30 seconds the jet leaves the sky, crashing into the houses and catching fire.

“We are trying to get to the track,” says a pilot’s voice on the radio.

“Yes, we won’t make it. We will expel ourselves,” the pilot said seconds later as the plane quickly descended to the neighborhood of Lake Worth below.

Both pilots, who were doing a training exercise, managed to eject themselves from the plane a few seconds before it crashed.

One pilot was found badly burned in some power lines with his parachute, the other was found nearby.

Three houses were damaged, but fortunately no one on the ground was seriously injured.

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