A Florida highway was forced to close temporarily after a multi-vehicle crash caused thousands of beer cans to cover the road.

The semi-trailer was carrying crates of Coors Light when it crashed and spilled its cargo all over the busy road.

All lanes of Interstate 75, which is about 30 miles north of Tampa, had to close following the collision, which also included more trailers and a pickup truck.

The rear-end collision began when one trailer cut another as it changed lanes, causing other trailers to brake, officials said.

But the one full of crates of Silver Bullet beer didn’t stop and collided with a pickup truck and another trailer.

A Florida highway had to temporarily close after a semi-trailer carrying Coors Light suitcases crashed. Image: Florida Highway Patrol

Photos released by the Florida Highway Patrol show thousands of silver beer cans and boxes almost completely covering the road.

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People inside the pickup truck sustained minor injuries and the highway was opened later Wednesday.

The inner shoulder and traffic lanes were opened to traffic about two and a half hours after the accident, but it was six hours later, around 12 noon, that the rest of the road was reopened.

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