NEW DELHI: Elon, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Musk became “Naughtius Maximus” on Twitter, while changing his profile picture as he navigates a bitter battle over the $44 billion bid to buy the microblogging platform.
Musk’s updated Twitter bio now reads: “Centurion in Jerusalem Garrisonand her display image is that of her childhood.
Naughtius Maximus is described as someone who displays violent or antisocial behavior, especially as a child.
It is an English synonym of the word naughty to the maximum which refers to someone who, precisely in childhood, behaves badly to the maximum.
Born in 1971 in South Africa, Musk has British and Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry.
His mother is maye muskmodel and dietitian born in Canada and raised in South Africa.
His father is Musk Errol, electromechanical engineer and South African pilot. Elon Musk has a younger brother Kimbal and a younger sister Tosca.
The name change came as Twitter shareholders voted to approve the Tesla CEO’s $44 billion takeover bid.
The vote came as his legal team is in a legal battle to pull out of the deal. Twitter sued Elon Musk for allegedly violating the agreement.
The legal battle is expected to begin in mid-October.

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