NEW YORK: Referenda planned in Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine on joining Russia will not be recognized by the international community, French President Emmanuel has said Macron said on Tuesday, as he called the plans “cynical” and “a travesty”.
“If the idea of ​​the Donbass referendum weren’t so tragic, it would be funny,” he told reporters.
Speaking in New York, Macron said the referendum proposals for eastern Ukraine were a further provocation after Russia invaded its neighbor.
“I think what was announced by Russia is a travesty,” Macron said. “It’s cynicism, and obviously it won’t be recognized by the international community.”
Russian-installed leaders in occupied areas of four Ukrainian regions have drawn up plans for referendums on joining Russia, a move that Kyiv rejected as a blow by Moscow in an attempt to regain the initiative after resounding losses on the battlefield.

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