Don’t be shocked if you meet actress Nupur Alankar and find her dressed in a saffron dress, with gray hair and no makeup. No, he’s not trying to be in a show character. Believe it or not, the actress, who has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 27 years, stopped acting and gave up all worldly desires. She says, “I took sanyaas in February. I am committed to visiting pilgrimages and I am committed to helping those in need. I have always been inclined to spiritualism and followed adhyatm, so it was a matter of time before I devoted myself fully to it. I was lucky enough to find the right guru Shambhu Sharan Jha, all thanks to my time at CINTAA (Association of Film and Television Artists), where I worked as a committee member and held health seminars. It brought me contact with my guru and another master healer, which changed the course of my life ”.

The actress has left Mumbai forever and is now on her way to the Himalayas. “It’s a really big step. Being in the Himalayas will increase and accelerate my spiritual journey, “she says, adding,” I rented my apartment in Mumbai to take care of my travel and basic expenses. ”

She is amused by the reactions to her appearance and the decision to become a sanyaasan. “I don’t know why people think I’m emotionally devastated and tired of life to make this decision (laughs!). You don’t have to be down and out to take the spiritual path, ”says Nupur, who adds that the block has helped her break away.

The only person who wasn’t surprised by the actress’s decision to take sanyaa was her sister Jigyaasa. She has always been aware that Nupur has been practicing yoga since 2007, when she was at the peak of her career. “Jigyaasa knew I was following the path. She saw me sitting in saadhna for hours, so she knew what was in sight. ”

The actress, who has become a sanyaasan, says she doesn’t lack acting. “There is no more place for drama in my life. I’m done with all the pretensions and falsehoods we resort to on and off screen, “she says, adding:” After my mother died in December 2020, I realized I was no longer afraid of losing anything. I felt free from all expectations and duties. In fact, my sanyaas was delayed because my brother-in-law (Kaushal Agarwal) was stuck in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the country. ”

When she says free from all ties, it includes her marriage to actor Alankar Srivastava. The two got married in 2002. She says: “I shouldn’t have asked (smiles!). He knew where I was going when I told him once about wanting to take sanyaa. He freed me and her family also accepted my decision ”. She says of her marriage: “I wish Alankar the best in life. The (wedding) was great while it lasted. We are not together even if we have not taken the legal road to separation “.

The 49-year-old actress, who has participated in 157 TV shows such as Shaktimaan, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and Tantra, and films such as Raja Ji, Saawariya and Sonali Cable, is feeling liberated today. She says: “When I was in show business, I was worried about popularity and success. Today I am at peace.
Main zameen par soti hoon aur ek hi time
khaati hoon. ”

Although Nupur is no longer working, she has managed to stay afloat thanks to her simple lifestyle, which includes eating a raw papaya and an apple a day, four pairs of clothes and a pair of slippers. “This is all I need to do my thing,” she says, adding, “I don’t worry about my expenses anymore. I left everything to God.”

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