NEW DELHI: The Trustees Committee (CoA) said on Tuesday he was “surprised” by FIFA’s “unfortunate” decision to ban the Indian Football Federation despite closing consensus on issues concerning the elections and the structure of the constitution.
In a huge setback for the country, world football’s governing body FIFA has suspended India for ‘undue influence by third parties’ and said the Women’s U-17 World Cup ‘cannot currently be held. in India as planned”.
“The CoA is surprised that FIFA’s decision came as extensive discussions were taking place over the past few days between all stakeholders, including FIFA-AFC, AIFFCoA and the Ministry of Sports in accordance with the decree of Supreme Court“, the CoA said in a statement.

“While the CoA was committed to implementing the Supreme Court’s order regarding the AIFF elections, passed on August 3, 2022, it was also in constant dialogue with all stakeholders.
“During discussions held over the past few days between FIFA-AFC, AIFF, CoA and the Ministry of Sports, it was suggested that the current AIFF Executive Committee elections could be held with the electoral college consisting of of 36 state officials.”
The country is set to host the FIFA Women’s Age Group Tournament from October 11-30.

It is the first time the AIFF has been banned by FIFA in its 85-year history, with the Bureau of the FIFA Council saying there have been “flagrant violations of the FIFA Statutes”.
The CoA said in its statement: “It has also been suggested by FIFA through the Ministry of Sports that the EC could consist of 23 members, including six prominent players.
“The 17 members (including the President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, a Vice-President and a Co-Secretary) will be elected by the electoral college above. Of the six prominent players, four will be men and two women . .

“Prominent players can be nominated (co-opted) into the EC and will have the right to vote, making them over 25% of the EC.”
The Bureau of the FIFA Council has stated that the lifting of the suspension will be subject to the complete abrogation of the mandate of the CoA. In a statement, FIFA also said it wanted the AIFF administration “to be fully in charge of the day-to-day affairs of the AIFF”.
The CoA said it had made all arrangements in accordance with the Supreme Court order to conduct the AIFF elections under the guidance of an independent committee, made up of prominent and highly reputable election officers.

“This too is in line with FIFA’s letter dated August 15, 2022, which says: ‘Simultaneously, an Independent Electoral Committee shall be elected by the AIFF General Assembly to organize the elections of a new Executive Committee’ “, said the CoA. .
“In light of the above, the CoA is surprised by the decision of the global body to suspend Indian football amid ongoing discussions among all stakeholders to find the best possible solution in the current situation.
“The fact that while FIFA’s letter dated August 15, 2022 stated that Indian football was suspended from August 14, 2022, discussions between the world body and all stakeholders in India were in full swing until See you late Aug. 15, 2022.”
Following the latest developments, the Center requested an urgent Supreme Court hearing on the AIFF case.
CoA Chairman Justice (Retired) Anil Dave said: “It is unfortunate to see such a directive from FIFA at a time when every effort was being made to get Indian football back on track.
“That being said, we are constantly in talks with all stakeholders, including FIFA, to find the right solution to this situation and restart the process.”
Dave added: “It is truly deplorable that for almost the last two years the body, whose mandate had already expired, has continued in an absolutely undemocratic and illegal manner, no action has been taken.
“But when the Honorable Supreme Court made an order to put things right so that a democratically elected body would take matters into their own hands, and when the CoA and the Ministry of Sports were doing their best for the implementation of the Order of the Honorable Supreme Court, the suspension order was issued by FIFA.”
CoA member SY Qureshi also expressed his disappointment with FIFA’s decision.
“FIFA’s recent suspension comes as a surprise to all of us, especially since we had already found mutually agreed terms. Furthermore, democratic elections to elect a general body were already underway,” Qureshi said.
“However, we hope that all issues will be resolved to restore normalcy at the earliest,” he added.
Shortly after the hit, a bench of judges DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna were told by Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Center, that a “significant development” had taken place and FIFA sent a letter suspending the India which is in the public domain and needs to be recorded.
The development comes after a four-member FIFA delegation held a meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Sports and the CoA on Friday and Monday, respectively.

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