Topless protesters interrupted German Chancellor Olaf Scholz as he prepared to speak at his government’s open day in Berlin.

Protesters took to the stage with a slogan on their skin reading ‘GAS EMBARGO NOW’ before his security team intervened.

Mr Scholz was speaking on Sunday at the Federal Government Open Day at the Chancellery.

It comes as a poll found around two-thirds of Germans are unhappy with the work of their leader and his restive coalition, which has faced crisis after crisis since taking office in December.

Only 25% of Germans believe that the Social Democrat is doing its job well, against 46% in March, according to the Insa poll for the weekly Bild am Sonntag.

By contrast, 62% of Germans think Mr Scholz – who was vice-chancellor under veteran Conservative leader Angela Merkel in the previous ruling coalition – is doing his job poorly, a record number, down from just 39% in March.

Since taking powerit has had to deal with war in Ukraine, an energy crisis, runaway inflation and now drought – all pushing Europe’s largest economy to the brink of recession.

Critics accused him of not showing enough leadership.

Meanwhile, Russia will cut off natural gas supplies to Europe for three days at the end of the month through its main gas pipeline in the region.

The national energy giant made the announcement on Friday, putting pressure on the region as it seeks to refuel ahead of winter.

The unscheduled maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany, is worsening the energy impasse between Moscow and Brussels.

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